Our reporting interface allows you to select a report, customize your options, and view the report — all from the same screen. Reports are generated and delivered to your browser in Adobe Reader (PDF) format, so they are easy to view and print.

Here is a detailed listing of our reports:

  • Student Grades by Subject
    This report provides a quick glance at your entire class. Students and subjects are listed in a grid with cumulative grades for the entire class.
  • Progress Report
    This report prints a single page for each student with their cumulative grade for each subject. A grade conversion scale is shown along with a Parent/Guardian signature line.
  • Progress Report w/Categories
    This report is the same as the previous progress report, but it also includes the cumulative grade for each category of assignment (ie. tests, quizzes, homework). It will also show the weight scale for each category if using the "Weight Scale" grading method.
  • Assignment Detail
    This report shows all of the assignments for each particular student. The points possible, points earned, and percentage is visible for each assignment, with cumulative grades for each subject.
  • Student to Class Comparison
    This report contains a separate chart for each student which compares their cumulative grade to the class average for each subject.

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