All About is a web-based gradebook which allows teachers at any academic level to manage their grades from any computer with internet access. makes grading easier because of our familiar and intuitive grading interface which looks just like a standard printed gradebook.

The Gradebook

Aside from the freedom to manage grades from anywhere with top of the line security, The Gradebook is what really sets apart from other gradebook software. The Gradebook interface is familiar to any teacher who has logged grades by hand or electronically, so there is a very low learning curve. With a column of student names running down the left side of the page and a row of assignments running across the top of the page, it is easily to quickly manage and jump to a specific assignment, whether to pick up grading where you left off or to make a quick grade change.

Not only does the Gradebook provide a simple and familiar interface, but it does the all of math for you. Every student’s current grade by letter and percentage is calculated and displayed right next to their name.'s Gradebook Screenshots Classroom Managment: Click to View Larger Image Gradebook: Click to View Larger Image Report: Click to View Larger Image

Student Management

You can add new students by individually, or you can even use our special import wizard to add students to your classroom. Our import wizard will work with just about any type of electronic data file you can throw at us. We will import from comma separated CSV files, text (TXT) files, or even from Microsoft Excel.

When importing a Microsoft Excel file, you can turn each sheet from the Excel workbook file into a separate class on

Importing Excel files into

Class Management

With our subject management features you can save time by not repeating your work needlessly. When you set up multiple courses and subjects, the Gradebook will save you time by automatically populating each different period of that subject with the same information anytime you create a new assignment.

Customized Reports

Our reporting interface allows you to select a report, customize your options, and view the report — all from the same screen. Reports are generated and delivered to your browser in Adobe Reader (PDF) format, so they are easy to view and print.

Here is a detailed listing of our reports:

  • Student Grades by Subject
    This report provides a quick glance at your entire class. Students and subjects are listed in a grid with cumulative grades for the entire class.
  • Progress Report
    This report prints a single page for each student with their cumulative grade for each subject. A grade conversion scale is shown along with a Parent/Guardian signature line.
  • Progress Report w/Categories
    This report is the same as the previous progress report, but it also includes the cumulative grade for each category of assignment (ie. tests, quizzes, homework). It will also show the weight scale for each category if using the "Weight Scale" grading method.
  • Assignment Detail
    This report shows all of the assignments for each particular student. The points possible, points earned, and percentage is visible for each assignment, with cumulative grades for each subject.
  • Student to Class Comparison
    This report contains a separate chart for each student which compares their cumulative grade to the class average for each subject.

History Tracking

Our detailed audit trail of activity is the ultimate solution for covering all your bases. The audit trail has a detailed chronological list of all of the activity on your account and we highlight suspicious activity to draw it to your attention.

Using the Gradebook Audit Trail you also have the ability to go back and undo changes you have made. If you accidentally delete an assignment or a grade, you can go back and recover the data hassle free.

Other Features

  • Freedom to work anytime, from anywhere
  • Intuitive spreadsheet style grading interface
  • Automatic percentage/letter grade calculation
  • Thorough setup options for complete customization
  • Easy navigation and advanced caching technology for fast page downloads
  • Online help and technical support

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